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As Ireland’s leading hosting review company we test, review and select good-quality web hosts for the Irish website market. We have compiled a list of the top web hosting companies for Ireland.

Previously we used to recommend a whole range of hosting companies, but recently based on customer feedback we’ve decided to really narrow it down and to recommend two solid hosting companies that we vouch from years of personal experience.


If you’re looking for a local Irish company that offers excellent levels of service and support, and is really doing a good job in the marketplace, then that company is Web Hosting Ireland.

Just click here on the link above for products and services relating to web hosting, domains, emails and so on. The guys at Web Hosting Ireland definitely do a good job.


As speed becomes so important for websites seeking to get things moving online, the fastest service out there in terms of hosting and reliability is WPX. 

They are more expensive than many of the other providers in the marketplace, but you do get what you pay for. If you speed for an e-commerce website or another related service we recommend WPX.


If you’re looking for the best website hosting service in Ireland, you are well aware of the importance of creating a reliable and enduring online presence. In shortlisting the top web hosting companies we look to reliability, speed, price and other key factors for users.


Fast & Local Website Hosting in Ireland

This is the year when you truly can’t ignore the speed and responsiveness of your website.

You’ll discover that your website’s performance greatly depends on your web host, meaning, that you need to find a host that provides top-notch service and effectively boosts your site.

Recent studies have revealed that every second a potential consumer spends loading your website, 20% will choose to leave.

It’s unfortunate that so many webmasters choose cheap hosts when a bit of extra money can go a long way.

Best Web Hosting Options 


Getting Started

If you’re ready to invest in your business website, it’s important to find a fast host that you can trust.

Many webmasters will discover that the easiest way to find a fast host is to opt for one of the top rated options such as: HostGator, eHost or A2 Hosting.

Of course, in recent years, many hosts have also discovered that speed is a necessity, therefore, Fatcow, GoDaddy, and Blue Host have become top contenders to Hosting Ireland.

Even if you choose not to opt for a web host that’s most recommended or top-rated, it’s important to consider their page loading speed in milliseconds and compare it to some of the most popular hosts.

There are plenty of online charts that you can use for your comparison-shopping, and when you recognize the numbers with MS written after them, you’ll need to choose the host with the lowest number.

Choosing A Hosting Plan

When comparing HostGator and GoDaddy, for example, webmasters will find that HostGator has a significantly faster loading time than GoDaddy.

With that being said, don’t shy away from choosing a certain host because of this as many of them offer different plans for different needs.

Much of the information you find online that contain test speeds are the result of shared hosting plans and not a dedicated or VPS plan.

Additionally, almost all websites offer different shared hosting plans, meaning, that depending on price and features, you can expect differences in performance.

Think About Website Hosting Pricing And Reliability

Webmasters will find a correlation between the speed of a host and the price tag, but the fact is, there are many instances where a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily justify the speed. It makes sense as a website owner to consider how important speed is and how much you can afford to pay for it.

Bear in mind that just because a host is fast, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their services are reliable. Some hosts have a lot of downtime that can account for your website losing significant business.

In short, you should definitely pay attention to the service packages a host offers, their speed, their reliability, and of course, the price. If you happen to find a company that offers most or all of what you need, then you were able to find a fast host.