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Domain Registration Ireland – Top Search Tips


Searching for an available domain name can be a frustrating experience. A lot of domains are already taken.

Thankfully, these domain name search tips should help you to secure a URL you can be proud.

Try these tips as you hunt for your domain.

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Conduct Keyword Research Before Searching For Domain Names

Spend some time researching keywords before you start looking at domain names. Having a keyword in your domain will give you a big SEO boost. Picking the right keyword for your domain name could bring you quite a bit of traffic.

Start looking at keywords that are relevant to your site. See if any of those keywords would make a good domain name. Your keyword research will let you know what kind of domains you should be searching for. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find some of the best domains available to you.


Always Opt For A .com .ie or URL As Appropriate

When people enter a URL into a browser, they often type .com reflexively. If you wind up purchasing a different URL for your site, like .net or .org, you may wind up sending your visitors to an entirely different site.

There are reasons to purchase these kinds of domains. For example, if you’re buying a domain for your organization, the .org domain is fitting.

With that said, .com is generally going to be your best option. If you’re struggling to decide which domain you should buy, you should go for .com whenever possible.

Are you planning on searching for a new domain? If you want to find the right domain for your site, you should try out these suggestions. These suggestions will help you to find the perfect domain in no time.

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Finding the best domain name for your Business.


Avoid Long Domains

Your domain shouldn’t be too long; it should be short and memorable. While adding words to a domain may allow you to get the kind of domain that you want, adding too many words could cause a problem.

While the domain “” might not be available, you might be able to secure “” or “” for yourself. A three-word domain can do very well, especially when one of the words is short.

However, if your domain name is something long and clunky, like “,” few people will take the time to type the whole thing out. Try to keep it short and simple. Shorter domains are more user-friendly.